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The NSA has developed what they believe is an unbreakable code which they call MERCURY. Now they ran a test to see if anyone can decipher the code by putting it in a puzzle magazine. Now Simon Lynch, an autistic boy who has an affinity for puzzles sees it and deciphers it and calls the NSA. Concerned the men in charge call their boss Kudrow and inform of what happened. Kudrow worried what might happen if this gets out orders that Simon be terminated. The man he sends kills his parents but is unable to find Simon and leaves when the police arrive. The police call the FBI to send someone to take a report of Simon who is missing and the man they send Art Jeffries is not exactly in good standing with the FBI because of an incident that occurred recently and is also not exactly OK because of the incident. Art finds Simon, who was hiding and takes him to the hospital. While there, the assassin takes another try but Art saves Simon and they go on the run.
The United States government is about to launch its brand new super code. Impossible to break, or so they thought until it was broken by a nine year old autistic boy. Now the bodies are piling up to keep it secret and the mercury is rising.
This is an awesome thriller!, that's very underrated, with a gripping plot and 2 amazing performances from Bruce Willis and Miko Hughes!.All the characters are awesome!, and the story is excellent!, plus Bruce Willis and Miko Hughes are simply amazing in this!. Lindsey Ginter is the real main villain in my opinion as Alec Baldwin was absolutely terrible and barely to be seen!, plus i thought Willis gave one of his best performances here!. Miko Hughes is incredibly convincing as the Autustic kid in my opinion, and i feel this is treated very unfairly by critics and movie fans alike!, plus i loved the ending it was very cute and made me smile!. Willis and Miko Hughes had wonderful chemistry together, and i thought the opening was very memorable!, plus the finale is very exciting!.The helicopter sequence was great, and i still can't get over Baldwin's incredibly bland and terrible performance!, plus it's quite original and creative as well!. I expected this to be a great film and that's exactly what i got it's an awesome thriller, that's very underrated, with a gripping plot and 2 amazing performances from Bruce Willis and Miko Hughes and i say it's a must see!. The Direction is great!. Harold Becker does a great! job here, with awesome camera, work fantastic angles, and keeping the film at a very fast pace!. The Acting is amazing!. Bruce Willis is amazing as always and is amazing here, he is incredibly likable, gives one of his best performances (In acting too),had wonderful chemistry with Miko Hughes, is extremely charismatic, had a very cool character, had some awesome emotional scenes, and was just amazing overall!, no way in hell was he on auto pilot! (Willis Rules!!!!!!). Miko Hughes is also amazing here, he is incredibly convincing as the autistic kid, is extremely likable, is rather creepy at times, had wonderful chemistry with Willis, is one talented young actor, had an extremely cool character, and just impressed the hell out of me he was amazing! (Miko Rules!!). Alec Baldwin is god awful here, good god was he ever boring, not only that he was barely on screen!, and he's supposed to be the main villain??, give me a break he's a total joke!. Lindsey Ginter is the real villain in this!, in my opinion he was very menacing, and did an excellent job!. Kim Dickens is very cute and did what she had to do well as Stacie i liked her lots. Chi McBride is good with what he had to do, i rather liked him. Rest of the cast do fine. Overall a must see!. **** out of 5
I really enjoyed this film and have found it equally watchable on repeated viewings.<br/><br/>From the opening scene of a helicopter making its way towards a rural town accompanied by Barry&#39;s soulful music you just know that you are in for a rewarding movie experience.<br/><br/>What elevates a routine and slightly clich├ęd thriller into a tense and emotionally satisfying film is the sensitive direction of Harold Becker, spot on casting, a story with emotional depth and John Barrys great score.<br/><br/>Bruce Willis is ideally cast as the loner working against the system. The interaction between him and Miko Hughes as the autistic child Simon feels authentic. There is real chemistry in the exchanges between the 3 computer nerds who work for the NSA. And the scenes between Simon and his parents carry real emotional weight.<br/><br/>This is not an action film. It is a film about story and character, and in some ways that makes it an old fashioned movie and all the better for it. It does, however, maintain tension through most of it&#39;s running time, a characteristic which is becoming rarer in modern films.<br/><br/>Definitely recommended.
Mercury Rising won't raise many viewers' temperatures. A somber suspenser with an oddly disconnected assortment of characters and a lack of freshly conceived action, this tale of a maverick FBI agent who takes on malevolent government forces to protect an orphaned autistic child serves up some dramatic moments but never legitimately convinces.

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